Better competition for ride sharing services

Google Maps removed the option to request an Uber ride directly from the maps application and that’s a good thing. I couldn’t understand why a company with such record of mistreatment of employees and disregard for laws and regulations would be pushed forward in the Google Maps app.

With its recent investment into Lyft, and the fact that it owns Waymo, there is no surprise Alphabet has to make better choices about the services it provides into its apps.

Uber ride sharing
Lyft ride sharing

However, with increasing scrutiny into Google’s anti-competitive behaviors at so many levels, it would be wise for Google to give its users to link any ride-sharing service they wish to Google Maps (as long as the chosen ride sharing service provides the necessary APIs). Why still show Uber as the main ride sharing app, when Lyft can potentially offer a better deal.

Competition is good for the consumer and Google should make sure to “do no evil”. Therefore equal access to Google Maps to the various ride sharing services should be the way to provide the best experience to its users going forward.