Google Maps adds a new badge for videos

In the continued gamification of the Google Maps Local guide program, Google Maps just added a new Badge rewarding the addition of videos.

The badge system rewards local guides for exploring additional options to contribute to Google Maps. The badges existing so far were for Reviewing, Photographing, Exploring (Trailblazer) and Fact Finding. Reaching the ultimate level for each Badge makes the local guide a Master (from Novice to Expert to Master).

The newly launched Badge is at this time not appearing in the main contribution page of the Google Maps apps, but only when accessing the details of the guide’s points. The Badges area can be swiped horizontally to make appear the new type of Badge rewarding Videos. The Badge is Director with the 3 usual levels: Novice Director, Expert Director and Master Director.

In order to receive the Novice Director Badge, a local guide has to add videos of 3 places at least.  In order to become an Expert Director, a local guide needs to add 100 videos from at least 25 different places and reach 100,000 views. The Master Director Badge requires 1,000 videos from 100 places and over 1,000,000 views.

After building a treasure trove of photos, the creation of this new Badge clearly shows that Google Maps is now hungry for a lot more videos.