Posting food on Google Maps

One of the great and easy way to contribute to Google Maps is to add pictures of the food you’re having in the restaurants you’re visiting. A properly taken picture will help a lot other potential visitors decide if they want to visit this restaurant.

Ideally, natural light is the best to show the food as it comes in your plate, but if conditions do not permit then make sure you have plenty of light for your picture. If it is underexposed, Google Maps users won’t be able to see the quality of the food you were trying to share.

Google Maps recommends pictures from above, but I believe a 3/4 angle is very often capturing the essence of the dish you’re having in a way that may inspire other GM users to visit the restaurant you’re having this food at.

Of course, try to take your pictures before you started digging into it. It is far more appetizing to see a full slice of cake then the remaining crumbs after you had a good dessert. In addition this allows people to get a good idea of the portion sizes: if the calamari order has 12 pieces or 3 pieces, that may change their decision about ordering appetizer.

If you’re going with a few friends, try to take pictures of their dishes as well. The more different options you capture, the better help you’re providing to everyone.

When you’re finally posting your pictures to GM, remember to name the food and give your feedback about it. While this information is not visible today on GM, we can expect that Google will bring better guidance in your searches in the near future.