Striptease on Google Maps

One of the good things about Google Maps is that anyone can contribute to it. One of the bad things about Google maps is that anyone can contribute to it.

In August 2017 Google Maps added the possibility to post videos in addition to images for the various places, potentially providing even more relevant content to the users of Google Maps.

Thanks to the ease for anyone to post videos, users in Taiwan recently discovered on Pinge Road the video of a young woman exposing her right breast.  The content was obviously not in compliance with Google’s terms and conditions and was removed quickly after being discovered, but this shows how Google still has a lot of work to determine with its AI which content needs to be reviewed carefully.

In the meantime anyone can report irrelevant Google Maps content by pushing on the little flag at the bottom right of the pictures/videos on their phone and report the content as Offensive/Copyright issue/Privacy concern/Poor quality/Not relevant/Other. It is surprising Google Maps’ point system does not also reward proper policing of the content on Google Maps.