When to post on Google Maps

With today’s phones able to take great pictures and write long texts with auto-correct enabled for proper spelling and grammar, you can post on Google Maps at nearly any time of the day or night.

Unlike social media where immediacy is somehow expected from your posts, Google Maps allows you to post long after you visited the place you want to contribute about. This sometimes allows you to better digest the various dimensions of the place you were visiting. Yes, this old manor was quite crowded which made the visit a little less enjoyable but actually everything was crowded in the area during this Labor Day week end, so it might not be something worth mentioning in your review.

Posting pictures of the food you’ve been eating at this restaurant as you are enjoying the dessert may be a form of entertainment when you’re alone, but if you’re enjoying this dinner with family and/or friends, you may just enjoy the moment and post these pictures later at home, or when your companion is driving back home.

It is however better not to let too much time pass between your experience and your review and picture posting as memory plays so many tricks and your remembrance may get a bit different from the truth.