Your Match coming to Google Maps this summer

A few very promising announcements of new features were made by Jen Fitzpatrick, Google VP of engineering, during Google’s developer conference Google I/O 2018.

The most exciting one coming to Google Maps is “Your Match” which is supposed to know, based on your previous visits, ratings, reviews and searches, how much you will like this place. It is very very interesting to see Google using the data it’s been collecting about us for so many years in order to make judgement calls on our likes/dislikes. So many other factors than the type of food served make people like a place, so I’ll be quite curious to see the results.

One other coming feature will be the ability to share list of places and vote on them with friends in order to pick a destination to visit together. It personally feels gimmicky and very impersonal way to communicate with your friends, but it may suit a new generation that has forgotten to talk other than by sending text messages.

Finally another very impressive addition coming to Street View will be an augmented reality that will use your camera to show your environment, and add on top Google Maps guiding instructions as well as information about nearby places. At this time, this AR option feels a bit like a gadget since holding your phone ahead of you while walking is quite un-natural, but this is a very promising options for future Google Glasses (or lenses). Imagine yourself with some Google AR Lenses walking in the city and receiving information in real time about the location of friends you are going to meet and directions to the place you are meeting…